Stepping Stones Preschool Cares About Kids

Karen Thompson – Teacher

13Hello, my name is Karen Thompson.  I’ve been a teacher at Stepping Stones Preschool since 2008 and currently teach in the Playroom.  I first became familiar with the preschool when my daughter started.  I wanted to get involved so I joined the Parent Board.  My five children and I had such a wonderful experience that when my youngest graduated, I decided to stay and took a position as a teacher in the Playroom.  I was thrilled because over the years, I had experienced the Playroom as a parent with my own children and now I had the opportunity to teach.

Great Moments…

One of the greatest moments I’ve experienced while at Stepping Stones Preschool is being able to watch the children develop autonomy.  As the children grow, learn, and become independent, it opens new doors to experiences, knowledge, and helps them to identify with who they are as individuals.

I currently hold an AA degree in Special Education and an AAS degree in Interpreting for the Deaf from Phoenix College.

I freelance as an interpreter in the community as well as for local community colleges.  My family and I enjoy taking road trips.  We’ve visited over 25 states and 3 countries so far!  We love experiencing the local culture and foods.  The one country that holds a special place in our hearts is South Korea.  Three of our children are adopted from there.  I try and incorporate sign language and different cultural experiences into the Playroom when possible so the children are exposed to the world in which they live.

Best Regards, Karen