Stepping Stones Preschool Cares About Kids

Nancy Berneburg – Teacher

Hi! My name is Nancy Berneburg.

12I started at Stepping Stones Preschool as a parent.  I joined the board to get involved in my children’s schooling and fell in love with the philosophy. When there was an opening to teach in 1989, I grabbed it!

Key Milestones…

Some of my greatest achievements occur when a child hits a key milestone or goal because of something that piques their interest during school.  When parents tell me that their child hasn’t stopped talking about something they learned in class, then I know they have a love of learning.  It’s my sincere hope that the enthusiasm for learning continues for all the years to come.

I received my Child Development Associate (CDA) degree in 1992.  I continue to take classes and participate in workshops to continue my education.  The best learning I get is often in the classroom, working with the children.

I am native to Arizona as I was born and raised here.  I’ve been married since 1982 and blessed with three grown children and several grandchildren.  I love to travel and see new places.

Thank you for looking at Stepping Stones Preschool for your little one, Nancy